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  • Why We Love Vienna

    Nov 27, 13 • My BooksNo Comments
    Why We Love Vienna

    I love the slow pace my steps acquire in Vienna, to match the pace of the others. The Viennese have won the battle against money and stress. Any day, at any hour, the parks are full: people are running, cycling or picnicking. There is no seat to be found in the evening at sidewalk bars or cafés. When do these people work?! ...

  • Who were the Dacians featured on

    Nov 20, 13 • BlogNo Comments
    Who were the Dacians featured on

    My book “Who were the Dacians” was featured on November 12! Here’s the link: “Having your book featured on Freebooksy is no small feat as we hand-pick all the books that we feature on our site”, wrote me Taylor Coil, Marketing Manager of She also sent me this badge to brag about:)...

  • Reading ‘Searching for Dracula in Romania’

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    Reading ‘Searching for Dracula in Romania’

    A Book Review by Marius-Constantin Popa...