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  • Ambassador of Romania

    Apr 15, 14 • BlogNo Comments
    Ambassador of Romania

    I realized that each of us is an ambassador of Romania. So why wouldn’t we try, dear Romanian friends, at home or when traveling abroad – to be good ambassadors? We and only we could change Romania’s image. What’s missing here, at least for the moment? Self-respect and respect for the other, patriotism and the courage to works and fulfill our dreams...

  • Our Polenta

    Apr 2, 14 • BlogNo Comments
    Our Polenta

    Romanians define themselves as a polenta people and Romania is the land of polenta. Nowadays, this dish has become a national phrase, but it lacks a proper marketing to make it a successful commercial cooking brand, like the Hungarian goulash, the Bulgarian yogurt, the Turkish saslîk or even the Mexican tortillas, a simple baked corn cake, which is served with chili paste and burns the intestines of millions worldwide daily. From the traditional Romanian cookbook the polenta entered in the history and cultural anthropology book. ...