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  • What about Dracula? Romania’s Schizophrenic Dilemma

    Oct 30, 15 • BlogNo Comments
    What about Dracula? Romania’s Schizophrenic Dilemma

    Romania is best known to the world as Dracula’s country. But go there and ask about Dracula and you’ll be puzzled. The Count remained until very recently unknown in his own homeland. Romanian communists banned all vampire fiction until 1990. Even nowadays Romanians have a schizophrenic attitude towards Dracula. They are tempted to transform Dracula [&hellip...

  • The twilight of the traditional Romanian village

    Oct 27, 15 • Blog1 Comment
    The twilight of the traditional Romanian village

    I believe that this “voyage into the past” could have been Romania’s great touristic selling point. Not the Black Sea, not the little leaf logo for the Carpathians. Unfortunately, time has lost patience with the world of the genuine village. The avalanche of change is already rolling and it will sweep everything in its path. The proportions, rules and good taste specific to traditional rural architecture, costumes and habits have been decanted through the centuries. It is good that, for a few years now, people have been able to travel abroad and come back with money. It is a pity that they are embarrassed...

  • Thailand’s last true island

    Oct 19, 15 • BlogNo Comments
    Thailand’s last true island

    For tourists, tiny Bulone Lae (one of the 51 islands in the Tarutao National Marine Park) is a two-faced Ianus: one is the opulent one, with blinding white beaches, while the other is cheap, dark, rocky...

  • Grapes of Hope

    Oct 7, 15 • Blog, News and EventsNo Comments
    Grapes of Hope

    Much like a student who failed the subject for a century, Romania now rehearses the components of an equation which proved to be successful in the interwar period: favorable natural conditions + solid investment + legislative support + Western technology & knowhow = good wine...