About Me

Catalin GruiaI like reading. And sometimes I feel bold enough to try my hand at writing. My area of expertise is Romania, so most of my books will be about Romanian brands: Ceausescu, Gypsies, Transylvania, Dracula, etc.

My name is Catalin Gruia and I am a veteran journalist who has written and reported for the Romanian edition of National Geographic for over 11 years. I am currently Editor in Chief of National Geographic Traveler and Deputy Editor in Chief of National Geographic Romania.

International awards

  • First prize (Geographica category) at the International Seminar of National Geographic International Editions, Washington, 2004

E-mail: catalin.gruia@gmail.com

  • Costas Vevas

    Hello ,my name is Costas Vevas and i live in Samos Greece , I find that you are going to come to Samos for a work for national geographic traveler. I am president of the photo group of Samos ,we will be happy to meet you when you come and help you find the secrets of the island. my mail is costasvevas@gmail.com or the group mail is samosfgroup@gmail.com