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  • Thailand With a Baby Stroller

    Jan 20, 14 • My BooksNo Comments
    Thailand With a Baby Stroller

    We are Catalin, Adina and Vladimir: a family with a small child, on a tight budget, looking for a tropical destination that’s cheaper than back home. We live in Romania but we like spending our winters in Thailand...

  • Romania explained to my friends abroad

    Jan 15, 14 • My BooksNo Comments
    Romania explained to my friends abroad

    Mostly because of my job, in the last 10 years I’ve met many foreigners – either when they visited Romania or when I went abroad. I guess now I’ve got more friends from the other side of the Earth then from my native land. I’ve learned a lot from them and for them as they bombarded me with questions to which I did not know the answers...

  • Why We Love Vienna

    Nov 27, 13 • My BooksNo Comments
    Why We Love Vienna

    I love the slow pace my steps acquire in Vienna, to match the pace of the others. The Viennese have won the battle against money and stress. Any day, at any hour, the parks are full: people are running, cycling or picnicking. There is no seat to be found in the evening at sidewalk bars or cafés. When do these people work?! ...

  • Who Were The Dacians?

    Oct 16, 13 • My BooksNo Comments
    Who Were The Dacians?

    Ancient historians described them as a mysterious people of barbarians who knew how to make themselves immortals. Schoolteachers taught us to love them as our ideal ancestors. “Daco-maniacs” claim they were the first great civilization of the world. Who were, in fact, the Geto-Dacians...

  • Searching for Dracula in Romania

    Sep 2, 13 • My Books, News and EventsNo Comments
    Searching for Dracula in Romania

    Romania’s problem is that Dracula lived for real. He was neither a vampire, nor a count and never reigned in Transylvania. The stories about Vlad III Dracula, a 15th century warlord prince of Wallachia, a small Romanian principality, were horror best sellers long before Bram Stoker’s famous novel...

  • The Rise and Fall of Saxon Transylvania

    Aug 31, 13 • My Books1 Comment
    The Rise and Fall of Saxon Transylvania

    800 years ago, the first Hungarian kings invited guests from the West to develop the Transylvania they were gradually conquering. The Saxons came, worked and built in Transylvania a civilization which reached its apogee in the sixteenth century. Pandora’s Box opened wide for the Saxons after the Second World War, too. Less than 15.000 stayed in Romania. ...

  • Romanian Gypsies

    Aug 31, 13 • My BooksNo Comments
    Romanian Gypsies

    This is a story about what it’s like to be a Gypsy (Roma) in Romania. A story told by the Gypsies themselves. For their protection (and my own), the names of the places and of the characters have been changed. Over 14 hours of interviews were edited for concision and clarity. Certain regionalisms, flagrant language and grammar mistakes were straightened out here and there. ...

  • The Man They Killed on Christmas Day

    Aug 31, 13 • My BooksNo Comments
    The Man They Killed on Christmas Day

    The Life of Romanian Communist Dictator Nicolae Ceausescu: Road to Hell Paved with Good Intentions...