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  • Grapes of Hope

    Oct 7, 15 • Blog, News and EventsNo Comments
    Grapes of Hope

    Much like a student who failed the subject for a century, Romania now rehearses the components of an equation which proved to be successful in the interwar period: favorable natural conditions + solid investment + legislative support + Western technology & knowhow = good wine...

  • Quest post on

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    Quest post on

    I've just had guest post on about my book What it’s Like To Be a Gypsy in Romania...

  • 5 days FREE: “Romanian Gypsies”

    Oct 2, 13 • News and EventsNo Comments
    5 days FREE: “Romanian Gypsies”

    Read my non-fiction story on the Romanian Gypsies : 9 true stories about what it's like to be a Gypsy in Romania. You can download it for FREE from until Monday! (3th - 7th of Octomber 2013)...

  • Searching for Dracula in Romania

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    Searching for Dracula in Romania

    Romania’s problem is that Dracula lived for real. He was neither a vampire, nor a count and never reigned in Transylvania. The stories about Vlad III Dracula, a 15th century warlord prince of Wallachia, a small Romanian principality, were horror best sellers long before Bram Stoker’s famous novel...